high desert hell (2019)

What we have today is a 16 minute short horror by the good folks at Alter. Am I ever going to do this again? I really don’t know, it depends on the level of work this requires of me to do this on my phone. Typing on this contraption isn’t really the problem but I like to stick pics in here and getting the sizes right for my ocd might be tricky plus there’s that pesky goddammed featured image I have to tackle, but let’s see what happens. The whole reason I’m trying is that – where I work is doing something for the state this time of year so I have a little free time and fucking around on my phone is a lot less eyebrow raising than – say – reading my book or doing nude yoga. Not that I do nude exercises but my book is 900 pages so it’s not small. Anyway…

These four folks are doing some driving out in the desert and come across an abandoned site where someone used to live. There’s an old, crumbly, shit house and some sort of building still suitable for playing monopoly and doing cocaine in if anyone wants any. Out for a smoke, the neighborhood cooky old man warns the girls of death and blood sacrifices – elsewhere flashbacks or flash forwards show the results of the deadliest game —— murder!!! Shit!

I actually really liked this thing and whoever put all of those polaroids on the back of that door gets my love and affection. I also liked the cast and the cinematography but it sure can be hard to squeeze out a great story in 16 minutes. Nothing at all against this thing but a longer run would – hmmm – er – grease my pan? No. Ram my rod?? No. Flesh it out a little? Yes! Someone throw this team a little money and let’s get some more here. I’d donate. I found this on YouTube and enjoyed what we got.

Filed under: WHO PULLED DOWN MY SHORTS (uh… we’re working on that one)

P.S. As an example, there’s a scene with a car and a guy that’s been bit by a snake. I LOVED it and wish it could have lasted a good ten minutes by itself.

8 thoughts on “high desert hell (2019)

      1. The King ones unfortunately aren’t available anywhere since they only had the rights to show them once. 😦 Gray Matter was decent. Oh! I watched that one Emma posted about. Curve? That was pretty good. 🙂

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      2. You know, I looked for that Curve thing yesterday and couldn’t find it. Granted I probably didn’t look hard enough but I would think “curve short horror movie “ would get me some results? Maybe I can try harder today. Bullocks!


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