the: i got high and burned my weenie podcast – episode 1

Today we shamefully present the first episode of our podcast where you can play a drinking game to how many times I use the word “SO” and the cicadas serenade us with their lovely August sounds of fury. This thing is audio and it’s probably rated R for language but that’s about it aside from nonsense rambling about this, that and various forms of media… oh and a Six Demon Bag of scenes someone has to act out. It also ends on a big cliffhanger since this was the first time we used this software and didn’t know it had a hard cut off at 30 minutes.

The form of motion picture video we set out to discuss is down at the bottom of this post.

Tonight we Ride by Unleash the Archers:

Oh…. and this might come up too….

4 thoughts on “the: i got high and burned my weenie podcast – episode 1

  1. Thank you for giving me something to listen to while I’m still a bit drugged up on prescriptions! I listened the other night as I drifted off to drugged-up sleep. Pretty sure I then had some fucked up dreams. 🤔 Any plans to do more?! 😁

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