from the intern: upstream color (2013)

[PUBLISHER’S NOTE: We here at Film Miasma consider ourselves a real fine, classy and upstanding publication even though we know otherwise, but still. We knew our head (and, regrettably, only) writer filed for a few days off and we knew he was off drinking beer and smoking cigars but we thought he’d be back by now. Little did we know his unpaid intern we didn’t know about covered his slot today and, because we’re as lazy as he is and have a quota to fill, we went ahead and posted it here] [Apologies]

The guy that made Primer is back to confuse you with a bigger budget and a better camera and…….. Amy Seimetz. You might remember her as “But I’m the best runner” girl from YOU’RE NEXT or even The Killing but here we are again and here we go. If we were to put on our reading glasses and light a pipe and dissect this movie into three parts, I would have to say that the first act was genius. Honestly, I loved it! I didn’t know what the fuck was going on most of the time but it was brilliant. “My face is made of the same material as the sun so you cannot look at it.”  That’s a Film Miasma tagline right there even though I’m just a fucking intern and not a hostage taking hypnotist milking your tit for all of your money. Or am I.

Then, in the second act – or The Rising Action – portion of the film, there is absolutely no action and we are presented with a ridiculous, confusing and fucking boring treatise on the subject of how we’re all existential pigs or some such horseshit and it really pissed me off so much that I wanted to go find the guy who did Primer and punch him in his balls for a number of minutes screaming “THIS IS YOUR FAULT THISISALLYOURFUCKINGFAULT!”

The third act doesn’t offer up much either except for a bunch of preposterous staring and something to do with some dead piglets who decay and turn flowers into a different color.  Oh and some shit to do with Walden’s Pond or something like that. And some rocks at the bottom of a pool. So: Seimetz = yes. Carruth = go eat shit you pretentious asshole.


8 thoughts on “from the intern: upstream color (2013)

  1. “a bigger budget and a better camera and…….. Amy Seimetz.” I spit out coffee on that one. I love Primer, even though time stuff makes me feel like I’m back in my 7th grade pre-algebra class where I knew I was destined to become an English major. This one sounds like I might try to slog through it…

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  2. Tom

    Upstream Colour. Hmm. Now there’s a movie that confused the ever-loving mother out of me, but somehow I enjoyed it? I think I understood even less what Shane Carruth was going for here than in Primer but either way, that dude hasn’t made a movie since. Probably because he disappeared up inside a singularity and inside that singularity he made a movie about our actual, perceived existence being a movie of a real thing and the real thing re-inverted and re-swallowed him up so who knows where the hell he is now, probably standing on top of some air or something as he fights to get back inside the space-time continuum where there is rabbit sex and all sorts of nice things and The Girlfriend Experience and all that.

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  3. Ha! This weird thing again that we mentioned on Twitter the other day. I don’t know what the fuck was going on in this. Or Primer. 😊 But I noticed a movie he’s in called The Dead Center which just popped up on one of the services. So I might watch it. If I can be arsed.


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    1. I started Dead Center once. I probably shouldn’t say what I thought or if I even finished it but, there you go! Maybe it wasn’t arse enough for me? Or maybe it was! Bollocks!



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