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My whole life I’ve watched what many people would consider ‘bad’ movies. Looking back, when I was a kid, it wasn’t intentional, there just wasn’t much else to do. I guess, now, nothing much has changed because there’s not that much else to do but one thing I have always lived by: you have to watch the bad to enjoy the good. That doesn’t mean that Paranormal Activity Four is good, but it’s a million times better than Sick Girl. Here at Film Miasma, we’ll try to keep it in in perspective and probably keep an eye on those shittier things, you know, for fucking posterity.


Me? I am the partner in crime. It was summoned, It is here. Lost blogger, lover of movies, and a voracious reader. Fan of collaborations with Film Miasma and all the (usually sometimes awful) movies we get stuck into – for you! We are selfless. We explore the unknown so you don’t have to! Or you can, like, vicariously through us.



7 thoughts on “the team

    1. I have a couple of thoughts!!

      That’s wonderful!! We’re you in public?? Was it robust? What a great Monday!

      I am eating a bowl of black bean and sausage soup for lunch, right now. It is salty and delicious.

      My logic box concludes that I will be farting soon and, if the equations are correct, they will be lumpy AND robust.

      So = happy mondays for us all!

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