run (2020)

hmmmm. huuurrmmmmm. huh.

Did I miss something?

A girl confined to a wheelchair with a seemingly perfectly happy life, goes to steal some candies from her mom’s grocery bag and notices a new pill she – maybe – or might not even have to take. When she can’t google it she cold calls some stranger out of nowhere and convinces them to search it which leads her to exhibit this behavior:

– crawling around on the roof of her second story house with her mouth full of water and her flaccid legs dangling behind her (?)
-aggravating someone so much that someone commits murder (which made no fucking sense) (??)
-eating a bottle of poison pills to commit suicide (??) because she’s not her mom’s kid (??)
-smuggling dog tranquilizers into a hospital or jail (??) to keep her mom-who’s-not-her-mom immobile (??)

Did I miss most of the movie? Was I just not paying any fucking attention and missed the reasoning behind any of this bullshit? This just sounds like a really ungrateful kid. I remember once – I was probably around 13 or 14 years old – my mom screamed at me for being “the most ungrateful kid she’d ever known” for not wanting to eat some of this chicken she had bought. Aside from that being very unpleasant, I never tried any stunts like that. Did I miss the motivation here?

I thought the movie looked good and I like Sarah Paulson and I liked the kid in the wheelchair but this didn’t make any fucking sense.

I’ll really be the first to admit that I’m wrong and very happy to hear where I miss something but, to me, is this just a cautionary tale about raising a teenage girl? Or is it supposed to be the other way around and “Never, under any circumstances, trust your mother. She is likely feeding you growth prohibitors, randomly squelching your internet access at night and and restricting you from entering your university of choice.”?

And – why were all of those armed cops in the hospital? How did the nurse glean what was going on from the word “mom”? What was Paulson mixing up in that stovetop pot? Also – and I really might have gotten this wrong but – did that card read “seven years later”? That seems like a random time jump ahead. She’s been smuggling in and feeding her mom those dog pills for seven years and no one noticed? Why is there so much shit on my eyeglasses today? Did the mom come in and smear her greasy, skinny fingers all over the lenses?

Did this come from some book I had to read to get it? Maybe I just missed the fucking point. I’m going to file this under CRAP and probably never try it again to see what I missed. Good luck next time. P.S. Bring on another season of Ratched.

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